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Become a Referral

Become a Referral and Get Up To 20% Fees

You bring us new clients and get referral bonuses

Become An Referral

How It Works

We conclude referral agreement with intermediary
A referral brings client to FAS Finance
FAS Finance estimates the risks of client and sets fee tariffs including referral bonus
During a month FAS Finance deducts fees from client for outgoing and incoming transactions
At the end of the month FAS Finance prepares report and transfers referral bonus amount to the referral’s bank account

Why FAS Is a Reliable Partner

Instant crediting of funds: daily, without weekends and holidays

Credit to the card of any bank in Ukraine or Russia

Cash withdrawal at branch offices throughout the recipient’s country

Shipping in EUR, USD, CZK

Payments in EUR, USD or the recipient’s national currency

Increased security: we are regulated and licensed by the Czech National Bank

Do you want to become our partner?